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The first thing you should do to learn to be psychic is:

To imagine yourself as a psychic!

God has given us many gifts. Some of these gifts, such as our psychic abilities, lie dormant until we are ready to begin working with them. Too many people despair because they think that ESP is something you are born with. They give up because they have never had a paranormal experience. Erroneously they conclude that they are not one of the "chosen ones." Perhaps this even describes you. Well, it's true that a small percentage of people on the planet naturally seem to express their psychic abilities from an early age. The same is true with a small percentage of artists, musicians, and other talented folks. Child prodigies are to be found in every field. Most talented folks, however, have to work hard to achieve success.

So whatever your age, imagine that you do have God-given ESP powers. Imagine that it is a skill you can learn, a skill that will become easier over time. Think of it like the computer you are using now. Do you remember how confusing it all seemed when you first tried to get on the Internet? Or went to install a software package? Or any of the other things you now take for granted?

As you go about your day-to-day routines, remind yourself now and then that there is a higher power operating in the universe. Whatever you call this higher power, imagine that it has your best interests at heart. To help you find your way, it has even given you a special kind of radar or inner guidance system in the form of extrasensory perception. Acknowledge too that others have these God-given powers. You are no more nor less deserving than anyone else. So ask this higher power that you be able to work with these abilities, for your good and the good of others. Say a prayer. Say an affirmation. Visualize it happening. Then be ready to act on some of those hunches that come your way.

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ESP Powers

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This article was published on 2010/04/02