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Psychic email readings are probably a mystery to many more familiar with a live, face-to-face or telephone for some psychics, but in most cases, email is just another means of conveying the information.

Probably the easiest methods for providing psychic insights in an email are by using traditional disciplines, such as astrology or the Tarot. In the case of astrology, the client naturally provides their birth date, time and location. The psychic can then produce a natal chart. From this chart, details about the clients life can be revealed. Other charts, such as compatibility, provided that the client includes the birth information on their loved one.

Mind you, whether a reader uses astrology, the Tarot, or other methods, a psychic can see beyond the usual literal meanings. Familiarity with their methods and crafts provide additional insights and information. I have written previously about the fine art of psychic 'context' in relation to the Tarot. For example, just because a reader draws a particular card, say the High Priestess card, it does not mean the client is going to have some sudden spiritual experience. I often see other meanings with that card, such as being at a crossroad in your life. Also, we must take into account the relationship that card has with other cards in the spread.

One of the major advantages of the psychic email reading is that the client has a definitive record of the reading. The client does not have to take notes or struggle to remember what he or she is being told. It's all there in digital black and white!

However, on the other hand, there is less intimacy and immediacy. Getting answers to follow-up questions could take days before the client is fully satisfied. Many of us psychics of 'The Old School' may be a little less inclined to do psychic email readings due to the lack of intimacy. Seeing the client physically or at least hearing his or hers voice often aids the reader in making a 'connection'. Even back when letter writing was more fashionable, a psychic could pick up on the energy of a client by holding the question-letter that the client wrote. Such is a bit more difficult and complicated via email.

When getting a psychic email reading, the client may benefit greatly by adding a photo or photos of him or herself, as well as those of other subjects the client desires information on. This would help the psychic in establishing a connection, much as the same as touching an object like a letter, or hearing the client's voice or actually seeing the client in the same room. A client would do well to inquire before hand with the psychic if such additions, like photos, would help in obtaining a more accurate and thorough reading.

These are considerations to ponder and explore when choosing to have a psychic email reading. While a different method, it is one which is growing in popularity and use. Providing the psychic with the necessary information they require should be asked before arranging for the reading. Ask what method they use for doing their readings and what they need from you, the client, before beginning. Simple steps like this will prove very useful and important in obtaining a psychic email reading that is accurate and beneficial. Also inquire ahead of time about how the reader handles follow-ups? Do they answer a certain number for free or will there be any additional charges? Together, these questions will help you have a fun and enjoyable experience with your psychic email reading.

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Psychic Email Readings

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This article was published on 2010/12/10